10 Signs That Your Dog or Cats Needs Probiotics

When exactly does a dog or cat need probiotics? In the long-term keeping, your dog’s gut healthy will save you money at the vet. Do they work for gas? Constipation?

Let us look at the 10 most common signs that our four-legged friends need probiotics for a healthy gut microbiome.

🐾Gurgle Guts
🐾Bad gas
🐾An inconsistent poop 💩
🐾They cannot keep weight on
🐾Your pet eats kibble (commercial dog food)
🐾You have a yeasty dog
🐾Your pet has anxiety
🐾Your pet needs immune support
🐾 Your pet has itchy skin

Diarrhoea 💩 There is a sliding scale for stool ranging from entirely liquid to extremely hard and dry. You want your pet to stay away from either end like diarrhoea. There are plenty of contributions to diarrhoea, but you can help keep future bouts in check by prioritising gut health. A probiotic paste for dogs and catscan really help with acute diarrhoea. 

Gurgle Guts -That is coming from your pet’s gut, more specifically, gas moving around in the intestines. While it is not the norm for this to happen occasionally, if you hear it consistently, they need gut support.

Bad Gas -This is an apparent sign that something has gone a bit sideways with a pet’s digestion. It is also one of the more compelling arguments for finding a solution like probiotics.

Your pet eats kibble- commercial dry dog food, and your dog needs probiotics and digestive enzymes. Kibble based diets have excessive amounts of carbohydrates or sugars. As carnivores’ dogs and cats are not designed for diets with this many carbohydrates. Dogs have little salivary amylase an enzyme in saliva that breaks down carbohydrates, and cats have none. So those carbohydrates are not being broken down as they would in an omnivore or herbivore. Adding extra species-specific digestive enzymes like amylase which is an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates and cellulose (an enzyme to break down plants) will help them digest and use that food. And a daily probiotic paste for dogs and cats again beneficial bacteria help balance your pet’s gut microbiome for better digestion.

Your cat or dog has anxiety. When the microbiome is healthy and balanced so is your four-legged friend because the microbiome can affect mood positivity or negativity. It is true A recent study found that an out of balanced microbiome may be one of the behaviour issues in dogs.

Your pet needs immune support- upwards of 85% of the immune system resides in the gut. So, when the gut microbiome is healthy you have a healthy pet. Therefore, adding healthy bacteria does so much for gut health and for the body as a whole. You’re pets immune system will not spend so much energy keeping bad bacteria at bay, which allows their immune system to focus on other important tasks

You have a yeasty Dog -
We all have some yeast in our gut, it is completely normal because they are members of the gut microbiome community. But a healthy microbiome is diverse and balanced so if there is an overgrowth of yeast, it becomes problematic and can cause all sorts of gut upsets. If your dog is experiencing yeast infections in the skin or ears, that could also have come from the gut, meaning it started in the gut and invaded the rest of the body.
Flooding the gut with beneficial bacteria can inhibit yeast growth and restore the balance in the microbiome which eases the gut upsets too.

The stomach is an acid pit, so if you do not provide enough probiotics, they will not make it to the lower gastrointestinal tract where it really matters. It is not only where bad gas develops but how you truly support your dog’s immune system and wellbeing.

Probiotics require prebiotics to feed on.

Justine Shone

JP Holistic Nutrition 🐾🐾🐾🐾💯❤️🐶


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