Natural Liver Supplements For Dogs & Cats Milk Thistle For Dogs & Cats

JP's Natural Pet Supplements provides natural supplements for cats and dogs. We offer liver supplements and Milk thistle to improve your pet's health. Shop now!

JP's Natural Pet Supplements has formulated our own Vet approved liver supplement for dogs and cats. Our holistic liver liquid supplement for cats and dogs with Milk thistle has been formulated to combine a unique combination of Milk thistle, B Vitamins, DL-Methionine and Alpha Lipoic Acid to promote and naturally maintain a healthy liver function. It is available in a sprinkle capsule or a liver and bacon flavour liquid for maximum compliance.
Milk Thistle
A new study on Milk thistle for dogs, Silybum marianum showed that this incredible herb was not only extremely safe but it also had incredible hepatoprotective properties when fed to dogs. Milk thistle contains silymarin which is an active bioflavonoid that has a number of hepatoprotective properties. Hepatoprotection is the ability of a substance to prevent liver damage.
When the liver is damaged by drugs, bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer or inherited conditions liver markers are increased. In this study, the levels of liver markers such as ALT, AST and GGT significantly decreased. The study confirmed that Milk thistle does not interfere with digestion and “exerts no detrimental effect on dogs’ health and metabolism.” The study showed that Milk thistle has a massive beneficial effect on dogs suffering from liver disease and can help to regenerate the liver. Their conclusion was that Milk thistle is safe and “supports liver function in dogs with hepatopathies.” Hepatopathy is liver disease, in one UK study, 12% of dogs had chronic liver disease.