Probiotic, Prebiotic and Bentonite clay For Dogs & Cats for Gut Health, Digestive Support Launched

JP Holistic Nutrition has launched a probiotic paste for dogs and cats. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, it promotes healthy gut bacteria and calms digestive disturbances.

The company's latest offering contains both probiotics and prebiotics for the maintenance and growth of good gut bacteria. It also contains bentonite clay to soothe digestive upsets.

To ease administration, the product is available in 30ml and 60ml calibrated syringes. The paste can be dispensed directly into the pet’s food or into their mouth.

Dogs and cats are affected by digestive problems for several reasons including eating too fast, scavenging inappropriate food, stress, food intolerances, and health conditions. JP Holistic Nutrition’s formula has been developed to resolve stomach upsets and gastroenteritis, improve the balance of gut bacteria, and regulate transit.

The paste’s ingredients include an approved strain of Enterococcus faecium - a good bacteria that helps to maintain healthy gut flora. It also contains prebiotics, which provide nourishment for good bacteria to grow.

Bentonite clay is added as a binding agent to firm up faeces. The clay compound has been used as a natural treatment for diarrhoea for many years. According to the NCBI, a 1961 study showed that orally administered bentonite treated 97% of diarrhoea cases with multiple causes.

Other ingredients include sunflower oil, refined coconut oil, and yeast. The formula is administered twice daily for as long as required. A dosage chart according to the pet’s weight is available on the website.

JP Holistic Nutrition provides chemical and preservative-free nutraceutical products for domestic and farmed animals and humans throughout the UK. The founders have extensive experience in veterinary medicine, dog training, and animal behaviour, together with qualifications in holistic therapies for humans. In addition to supplying natural products, the company provides expertise and advice on animal behavioural problems.

A satisfied customer said: “Great service with my digestive care probiotic paste for dogs and cats. It arrived very quickly. My dog had a bit of an unsettled stomach due to an underlying health issue and this paste worked a treat. The applicator works well because it is not easy to get medication into a dog that has a reduced appetite. I trust the ingredients and quality from this source.”

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Dr Paul Boland BVSc MRCVS

JP Holistic Nutrition

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