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I haven’t started your tablets yet, I have a couple of weeks of Umove I’m using up first. I will let you know when my dog has started using your tablets.


My dog’s coat and general condition seems to have improved greatly since taking the oil. It was recommended by our dog Physiotherapist.

Digestive Health

we started feeding this product to our dog a bit ago and we have found it amazing he has always been fed on Barf diet and was worried he was not getting enough fibre and nutrients since our dog has been using this product his stools have been very consistent and his condition is amazing I cant praise this company enough find them very helpful and five star with all they do..... very happy customer Many Thanks to all the Team @ JP's

Must try

Visible improvement in our dogs movement after just a couple of days taking pet supplements (Holistic Doggie Joint) tablets. Recommend trying your dog on them if they have any type of joint pain.

Digestive care paste

Excellent product that cleared my schnauzer’s diarrhoea within 12 hours and her appetite returned within two days . Excellent results

Omega 3 oil

Excellent product my dogs coat is absolutely gleaming.

Omega3 and fibre supplement

Excellent products do exactly as they say. Highly recommend

Excellent flavour ensures success

Early days yet to see impact, but the excellent flavour ensures success in getting them into my dog!IEasy to break up into smaller pieces and I add it to her breakfast.No problems.

Best fibre supplement we have tried

Absolutely perfect for our doberman who is on a raw food diet and sometimes struggles to pass stools. Works wonders!

Thank you for the great service.


I have noticed a huge difference in Ivy in 19 days of taking the joint supplements. She is actually bounding about for the 1st time in a very long time.

Good Results

My old Girl has been taking them for nearly 2 weeks
Can already see a difference in her
More mobile and not as stiff first thing in the morning
Hope it continues

Only one seizure in 4 months

Before we started our furry princess on the milk thistle and omega supplements and the raw meal diet, she got to a point where she had had 3 partial seizures in a month. Once we made these changes her health has improved tremendously and it was another 4.5 months till she had another partial seizure

Absolutely perfect

Was reccomended this bu Paul for our 18mnth old Dascund after a major operation , 100% recovery and improvement in out fur baby, Thankyou Paul X.

This powder has worked wonders for Aslan before his 💩💩where soft now perfect has settled his tummy issues he had pancreatis

Amazing paste

This product does exactly as it says. Solved my German shepherd's diarrhoea overnight. Love this product always have a spare in the cupboard. Definitely recommend Dr Paul and his company, always on hand to help and advise.

Best probiotic paste for dogs & cats with diarrhoea Uk

Sorted my lil 12 yr old chihuahua out no problem back to her normal self would use this again reommended thanks Dr Paul &co would deffo use company again 👏

Bought this because my dog wasn’t herself and can say the turnaround in her is great highly recommend this product

Bought this because our dog was struggling with getting about the change in her now is brilliant she’s much more mobile and she is back to her old self
Would definitely recommend this to anyone

Allergy Testing

JP Holistic offer wish an efficient allergy testing service. Results came back in just a few days and the information returned was clear and comprehensive.

Dog fibre and omega 3 suppliment

Well what can I say about this stuff, it is simply the dog's balls. Ragnar has yeast issues and been very itchy. This stuff has cleared up his yeast and along with the verm x itch tablets,has really helped. We still have some itching but no where near as bad as it was. He is so much more settled.

Verm-X Flea & Tick Powder 70g
Katherine Davies

Excellent product

11/10! It actually works!

You've found it! That illusive supplement that is actually going to help your precious doggie, and not break the bank! My 12.5 yr old rescue has arthritis is one back leg and general wear & tear in all areas! This supplement has been nothing short of a miracle! Yes I'd tried many others and spent a small fortune (she's worth it!) but without any significant difference 😕 Then I tried this...within 2 days she was a different dog. Back to zoomies, playing, happy walks. AMAZING! She still has some stiffness on an evening if we've had a very active day but overall I couldn't be happier.
She's been on it now for about a year. Recently, there was a gap of about a week before I could restock it...poor girl was back to hobbling about and stiff everyday. Never again!
I hope you and your doggie give this a try. You (and particularly your dog) won't regret it 😊


Prior to my dog taking the fibre supplement , his digestion was not great as his stomachs would make really loud noises like thunder .. however since I put the fibre in his food this has stopped .. he has been sunk g it now for a few years but I noticed the difference within one month ..

Great fast service

Clear info on site. Fast reply to a query about which product was the best for my dog right now. Fast delivery so I could get started. My dog has improved hugely…no more worrying about whether or not he can poo while he recovers from his slipped disc, and I know his gut has some protection while he’s still on harsh medication. Has removed our anxieties about his gut health overall. Easy to mix into his raw food when we measure out his allowance for the day, and he gobbles it all up as usual. Great product. I wish if started him on it sooner.

Does what it says

Solved the diaorrhoea that my very poorly dog had. Very happy with this product