Veterinary Natural Pet Supplement Business Launched

Launch of Natural Pet Supplement Business

JP's Natural Pet Supplements launches it's own range of Vet approved Natural Pet Supplements

Natural Pet Supplement Business   

The new company brings together experts with decades of veterinary surgical experience, in combination with expertise in natural health, Reiki, dog training, and animal behaviour to create health and wellbeing solutions for pets and farm animals.

With the recent launch of JP's Natural Pet Supplements, pet and livestock owners can now integrate natural pet supplementsinto their animal care to increase health and well-being as well as to address underlying behavioural issues.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine in both animals and humans attends to the being as a whole. It incorporates multiple practices to address the root cause of a variety of health and behaviour concerns. Holistic supplements are compatible with traditional veterinary care, and research continues to show that nutrition and a healthy gut microbiome play a critical role in the health and behavioural issues of animals. By preventively treating gut health and other issues naturally, pet owners can possibly avoid costly veterinary bills in the future.

JP's Natural Pet Supplements offers a range of veterinary approved natural holistic supplements for animals. All of the company’s products are free from artificial products, added chemicals, or preservatives.

The product line of veterinary approved natural supplements for dogs and cats includes products for health and support of positive behaviour. Holistic products are available for calming anxiety, probiotics and gut vitality, joint supplements, respiratory health, liver support, urinary care, ears and teeth, Bentonite clay, older animals and dementia, natural hairball prevention and management for cats. 

In addition to offering products for dogs and cats, the company offers products for a range of natural products for domestic animals including birds, rabbits, horses, alpacas and llamas. The company also has holistic natural supplements to support gut vitality for farming animals including pigs, cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats.

About JP's Natural Pet Supplements

JP's Natural Pet Supplements was created by Veterinary Surgeon Dr Paul Boland BVSc MRCVS, and dog trainer and behaviourist Justine Shone. Both are Reiki practitioners and avid proponents of natural therapies. Together Paul and Justine have formulated a range of natural supplements and nutraceutical products for dogs and cats to address both health and behavioural concerns.

The Warrington, England company is the United Kingdom’s leading provider of supplements for dogs. The majority of the products on the company’s website are proprietary products designed by Dr Boland and Shone. The website also features a variety of information and resources to better understand natural supplements, behavioural issues, common veterinary medical issues, and dog training.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We believe that nature has the answers to the health and well-being problems that we and our pets face. Your pets are part of your family. We are here to make sure they live a happier life and enjoy better health with natural pet supplements and support for positive behaviours.”



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