The flirt pole exercise for dogs helps you bond to your dog

A flirt pole is an exercise tool you can use with your dog in a variety of ways. It can provide exercise, help with impulse control, and even improve your bond and communication with your dog!

It is made of three simple parts. A long expandable pole made of a light yet sturdy material. A long string or rope is attached to the end of the pole, attached is a lure-like toy or attractive material, fastened to the end of the rope. The benefits of the flirt pole include, that it’s a great way to give your dog both physical and mental exercise, and it teaches coordination as dogs learn how to track down a moving object.
It’s a great tool for teaching impulse control, it allows your dog to chase a fast-moving object while remaining close to you. This exercise game is about playing and bonding with you, it eliminates the risk of your dog running off with their toy. It is a more effective way to teach a release (leave). It is super fun for exercise for you too. It means you can play with your dog without your hands being close to their mouths or teeth which is great for pups.

While flirt poles are super fun, they can also help with your training. Flirt poles can help you train your dog behaviours that are important for your dog’s obedience, and safety, sit, leave, take it, and drop it. Training with the flirt pole also helps with impulse control. Moving the lure around quickly will rile your dog up, giving them cues in this environment that will help them learn to tune out distractions and focus on your cues, such as Leave.

A dog with high prey drive can be a challenge, but it can also be a powerful tool to utilize in your training and play with your dog or puppy.

How do I use the flirt pole on my dog?
Using the flirt pole is easy to hold the flirt pole out in front of you so the lure is just out of your dog’s reach and bounce the pole around in different directions, so the lure moves unpredictably. It is a good idea to have some obedience in place with your dog such as a sit or wait before starting with the flirt pole. Tell your dog to sit or lie down or stay while you move the lure around, making them hold their position until you release them. Their reward for controlling their impulse is playing so let them have the lure. Engage your dog in play by having them tug at the lure. Give the cue to drop it or leave and reward them with a training treat when they do. Take your dog’s physical endurance up a notch by having them continuously chase the lure, changing directions.

When to not use the flirt pole.
If your dog had a recent injury or a bad joint problem that makes jumping and quick directional changes difficult. If your dog is not proficient with behaviours like leave it or drop it. You will want to work with something static first, like a tug toy. If your dog is unfamiliar to you, establish a working bond first. Do not forget to consider your dog’s capabilities, your dog’s age weight, and any other potential health conditions. Flat faced breeds like pugs or French bulldogs are prone to respiratory issues and can overheat very quickly. Do not use it after feeding your dog.

Flirt poles can be good to use for high energy level dogs before your walk to burn off some energy, especially for reactive dogs. I recommend after using the flirt pole give your dog a good half hour to come down time before your walk to relax their brain and to let your dog chill.

Justine Shone

JP Holistic Nutrition

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