How Natural Toothpaste Help Keep Dogs & Cats Teeth Healthy

Enzymatic toothpaste for dogs and cats

UK online store JP's Natural Pet Supplements offer natural pet supplements for cats and dogs. Check out our complete line of the best nutrition for your fur babies.

Your fur baby deserves the best, so make sure to give them only the best.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, nearly 62% of all households in the UK have a pet. But how do you know whether what you’re feeding your pet is actually good for them?

Hi, we’re Natural Pet Supplements To Protect Your Dog's and Cat's Teeth and we take the guesswork away with our newly strengthened line of natural pet supplements.

Natural pet supplements

From dogs and cats to rabbits and lizards, we have everything you need and more for proper pet nutrition.

Our latest selection combines decades of knowledge and experience in pet care. We offer Vet approved natural pet supplements created by two experts dedicated to creating a range of unique nutraceutical products for dogs and cats that contain no artificial ingredients, added chemicals, or preservatives.

The dynamic duo behind our company are Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Paul Boland, and dog trainer and behaviourist Justine Shone. Together, Paul and Justine have formulated a unique collection so that you can feed your pets with confidence.

Natural Toothpaste

One of our most popular products is our natural toothpaste for dogs and cats. It contains an enzymatic toothpaste for cats and dogsdesigned to inhibit the formation of plaque and ensure that tartar and plaque cannot build up on teeth. The bioadhesive system means no brushing is required. 100ml Paste enzymatic natural toothpaste for cats and dogs whose ingredients are safe and suitable for both cats and dogs.

One bottle contains enough for roughly 100 uses for a 20kg dog

Most of our products address a behavioural problem often found in dogs and cats. This could be anxiety, stress, and even over-grooming. Often, you may forget that a major contributor to a behavioural concern is the nutrition being given to your furry friend. A healthy diet leads to healthy wellbeing, after all!

Shipping in the UK

We only ship within the UK, with free delivery available for orders of more than £50. Other products for more exotic animals such as rabbits, avians, and reptiles are also available - we encourage you to visit our website to learn more.

As a company representative says, "We believe that nature has the answers to the health and wellbeing problems that we and our pets face. That’s why you won’t find any artificial products, added chemicals, or preservatives in any of our natural pet supplements."

With Natural Pet Supplements To Protect Your Dog's and Cat's Teeth , your pet will live a healthy and happy life!

Got more questions? No problem! Please contact us on our website so that we can address them. 



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